Sriracha Popcorn and Lip Balm Review

0 Posted by - December 19, 2014 - Product Reviews

sriracha popcorn reviewAre you one of the millions who can’t get enough of the neon red sauce from the bottle with the little green top? Some call it “rooster sauce” for a lack of ability to call it by its real name – Sriracha. Now, thanks to the folks at J&D’s (the bacon people) you can enjoy Sriracha even more. They have just introduced Sriracha Popcorn and Lip balm! Yep, Sriracha lip balm. (It’s not as crazy as it sounds).

One would naturally think that spreading hot peppers on a sensitive part of your body… such as your lips would result in a very painful experience. Not so. Sriracha lip balm packs a small punch, enough to give you the flavor of Sriracha with-out kicking your ass. It actually has a bit of a sweet taste to it.

As far as the Sriracha popcorn goes… this is good stuff. Addictive stuff. Once you pop open a bag, you will likely finish it in the same sitting. The heat is not “over the top”, at least that is how it seems at first. Then you stop eating… and you suddenly have the urge to eat more… and more. It seems that the only way to make the heat go away is to pop more of the Sriracha popcorn in your mouth. Just like most spicy Thai food, the Sriracha sauce follows the same principle. It is very tasty and sure to please almost any Sriracha lover.

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