Smoked Seafood: Salmon, Clams & Shrimp

0 Posted by - March 31, 2014 - Seafood Recipes

Sea food on the grill, what could be better? How about seafood on the smoker? In this episode of “Smoke This”, we put fresh Copper River Salmon, Clams and Shrimp to the smoke (cherry wood smoke), on a Yoder YS640 smoker.

Sea food can be a very temperamental food to cook in this setting. Over cook the seafood and you have dry, rubbery food. Under cook it and you run the risk of violent illness.

To be sure we only see positive results, we are going to cook all the seafood on the second rack of the Yoder Smoker.

We set the temp to 350F, and place our clams on the rack, followed by the shrimp (on skewers) and the salmon (on cherry wood planks).

I like to season my shrimp and salmon with a dry rub. I use a mix of dried ancho, onion, garlic, paprika, lemon peel, chipolte pepper,  fennel, coriander, salt and pepper. But you can use anything you like!

Let everything cook on the second rack for approx 15 mins, then flip the shrimp, and cook another 10 – 15 mins.

Check temp on everything and be sure its internal reading is around 140F.

Remove the seafood from the smoker and enjoy!

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  • Mike Carlson

    These are all so mouth watering. I miss eating shrimps a lot. I can’t have it these days due to food allergy.