Horse Meat Found in Taco Bell Taco Meat

0 Posted by - March 1, 2014 - Fast Food, Food News & Opinion

It was only a matter of time. Horse meat in Taco Bell taco meat is a reality… in the UK. At least, some trace amount was found in the meat after DNA tests.

Taco Bell was not the lone fast food chain to have issues with their meat supply. UK Burger King’s also had a scare with it in January.

In response to the horse meat problem, Yum brands has ended their relationship with the Chinese meat supplier it had used that was thought to be the source of the non-beef option entering tacos.

There have been no reports of horse meat entering the “beef” food chain in the United States.

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  • Abbey Sophia Anne Hathaway

    HI, I saw this and was SHOCKED I didn’t know that. I am Abbey Sophia Anne Hathaway , I live in the UK, London, England to be exact. TACO BELL I am totally disappointed in YOU! Totally not worth 33.00€