Healthy Buffalo Chicken Wraps

0 Posted by - January 13, 2014 - Chicken Recipes, Healthy Recipes

buffalochickenJust like many of you, I’m trying to eat better in the new year. With that, comes the conundrum of trying to find foods that fulfill my cravings with-out adding in hundreds of unwanted calories. I’ve found that with a little improvising, it is not all that difficult to re-create the flavors of “bad for you foods” in a “better for you” version. I can’t exactly say they are “healthy”, but they certainly cut out nearly 2/3 of the fat and calories the “regular versions” had. One of my guilty pleasures is “buffalo wings”.  Its a easy to eat (too much of) comfort food, that I crave. So I set out on a mission to create a healthy version of the comfort food staple. What I came up with: Healthy buffalo chicken wraps.

Here’s how to make it!:

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