Worlds Longest Curly Fry World Record Set at Arby’s

0 Posted by - February 21, 2013 - Fast Food, Food News & Opinion

Just in case you were wondering… The world record for the longest curly fry now sits at 38 inches. It was discovered in a box of fries from an Arby’s in Ashville, NC.

The now famous fry, is being submitted to the World Record Academy.

Arby’s says that all of its fries are cut equal width, and often times break apart into individual “fries” during shipping, but sometimes… just sometimes… a little gem like this makes it to the table.

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  • Lee

    I suppose they were lucky that someone just didn’t eat it. I will admit I only clicked on this post out of curiosity. I had put a figure of about 24 inches in my head so I was way short.

    Made me smile thanks lee