What Is Food Like In Prison?

0 Posted by - January 23, 2013 - Podcast

prison foodIn this edition of the NewTasteToday.com podcast we explore the world of prison food. If you’ve ever wondered “What is food like in prison?”, take a listen and you will know more than you ever wanted to know about prison food.

First we talk with Jim Stingl of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about “nutraloaf”. An inmate in the Milwaukee prison system recently filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the product claiming it made him “violently ill”…  Listen to find out how that case turned out. Jim also decided to make a batch of “nutraloaf” for himself, find out how that turned out.

Then we talk with a real prison guard and get his perspective on what prison food is like. We also find out if it’s ever “good enough” for the guards to partake in.

Finally we have a dramatic reading of a letter written by a prison inmate in California. We’ll get the perspective of what prison food is like from him and if there is anything that can be done to make it better.



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