Pig Rectum Calamari Anyone?

0 Posted by - January 17, 2013 - Food News & Opinion

It’s deep-fried, its in the shape of a ring, and has a somewhat rubbery texture… It must be calamari right? Better ask your server. A recent episode of This American Life did not state that American diners were being duped into thinking the crunchy little squid rings were in-fact sliced chunks of pig rectum, and not being noted as “pig rectum calimari”. They did however make us all aware that the product does exist. An unsettling thought at first glance, but not all that bad when you consider the fact that most sausages are using nearly the PIG RECTUM CALAMARIsame product to case juicy pieces of sausage in.

Have you ever had a “seafood” crêpe or dish that claimed to be filled with crab, only to find out that they are using imitation crab to keep costs down?

It makes me wonder if any eateries are doing the same with calamari.

I have my doubts, considering that the price difference for real crab and fake crab is quite large…. And the price of “imitation calamari” compared to that of real calamari is quite small.

This story gave me something to think about… but will not make me stop ordering the crispy little rings of… whatever it is.


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