What Are The Consequences of Binge Eating?

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over eating

  • Ever wonder what exactly happens to when you go on a binge eating splurge?  Here is the unpleasant truth to help you control your urge to gorge:
  • In the first few minutes, your taste buds are going INSANE, sending pleasure signals to your brain to eat up! Go crazy – its binge eating time!!!
  • With-in 7 minutes, your stomach is working over-time to  dissolve food and shuttle it into your small intestine. When it gets there, nutrients will then be moved into your blood stream.
  • By the 20 minute mark of your binge eating, your stomach will alert your brain that it’s at its limit. But if you’ve been eating like a mad person, your brain won’t get the note until after you’ve loaded your plate with seconds, or thirds!
  • Chances are the food was loaded with salt, and within 30 minutes, your blood vessels will become stiffer. That stiffening becomes a risk factor for heart disease.
  • An hour after you binge eat, you’ll feel sleepy.  That’s’ because your gut sent a sign to your brain to “rest and digest.” Now you can only think of one thing… resting and putting any energy you have left toward digestion.
  • By this point your stomach it’s stretched out like a balloon. In fact,  it’s stretched so big it’s pushing on your other organs.

What happens to the excess food that isn’t converted into energy?

It turns into fat.

Why are you hungry again 2 hours after gorging yourself? Because you loaded yourself with a bunch of refined carbohydrates and foods with high sugar and fat. These tend to burn up quickly and you feel hungry again.

How can you avoid this in the future??

Eat foods that digest more slowly, things with protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates.

Follow these simple steps and you will keep yourself out of unneeded pain at the next buffet line.

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