How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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avoid holiday weight gain

Want to keep the pounds off this Holiday season and avoid Holiday Weight Gain? Here’s some tips to help you stay slim and healthy into the new year! Follow these steps and you should be home free! Or at the least have fewer pounds to work off come January first.

Write Down What You Eat!

Studies show that people who keep track of what they eat by writing it down in a journal are much less likely to over eat and pack on extra pounds. Sounds simple. Sounds almost insane… But it works! Break out the note pad or the note app and type in what you’ve consumed. It could make you think twice about your next food choice.

Watch Your Stress

The more stressed out you are, the more you will consume. Keeping stress levels down is good for a variety of reasons, but it also helps keep the weight off. Find productive and effective ways of dealing with the stress in your life, and you should also find it easier to keep the holiday weight gain to a minimum.

Talk to People, Not Food

When you’re at the holiday party, talk to the people there. Don’t just graze by the shrimp bar or the chocolate fountain, unless a holiday weight gain is in fact on your “to do list”.  The food will still be there for you if you go back for seconds. Guarding it with your life (and extra wide body) will not help you keep the calorie count down. Talk more and eat less!


Winter is not always the best time to get outside and exercise, but there are ways of getting your “move on”. Holiday shopping is a perfect way to do this. Do laps around the mall, a big department store. You can find gifts for the people on your lest and work off extra pounds at the same time. Its a win/win.

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