Healthy Holiday Foods

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The words “healthy” and “holidays” do not usually go hand in hand. healthy food for the holidaysHow could it be that there actually are healthy holiday foods to enjoy? All it takes is a little self-control and you could be enjoying the holidays without adding on extra pounds and still eating well! Here are some of those good for you food selections to eat up and slim down while every one else is packing on the weight.


Skinless turkey breast contain niacin, selenium and zinc. These three nutrients that are essential for boosting your metabolism and increasing your calorie burn. So eat up!!


High-fiber, low-calorie treats like raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries help us feel fuller, longer. Yes, they can be very expensive in the colder months, so go with the frozen variety if the fresh choice is out of your price range. They are just as healthy, and have a longer shelf life. Try mixing them with a high fiber cereal or low-fat yogurt.


Do not just eat it by the spoon full, like those morons on “the You Tube”, were doing in 2012. Instead, use it on your food! Eating a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon a day controls the insulin spikes that make us crave sweets. And will make the towers of cookies less of a temptation.


Don’t go over-the-top on this one, but don’t ignore it either. Harvard University researchers found that dieters who got a third of their calories from healthy fats found in nuts were more likely to avoid holiday weight gain than those who didn’t. They also help you feel full longer. Stick with nuts that are lower in calories and fat though. Almonds with no salt are a great choice. Try to stay away from things like macadamia nuts as while they are delicious, they are packed with fat.

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  • Colin

    Why skinless turkey?? I love the skin, it’s the best part. I think it’s unfair how animal skin has gotten such a bad rap in the nutritional community.