Bacon Shaving Cream Review

0 Posted by - December 19, 2012 - Product Reviews

BACON SHAVING CREAMHave you ever had the desire to dip your face in bacon grease and proceed to shave? Me either! But now you can make it reality… Minus the whole grease part. Introducing bacon shaving cream! It’s created by the bacon loving bunch at J&D’s. Their motto is “everything should taste like bacon”, and now you too can be part of “everything”. You can taste and smell like bacon, in the event that someone wants to eat your face… or any other part of your body that you use the bacon shaving cream on.

Overall, the bacon shaving cream is quite nice. It takes a little time to get over how “thick” it is, if you are used to the “spray can” shaving cream. But high quality shaving cream is just that… thick. Most do not smell like bacon, but they are indeed quite heavy on the face. You can’t help but almost feel like you are rubbing bacon grease on your face when you go to use it.

Once you begin the shaving process though, its all good. The bacon shaving cream produces a nice smooth shave and leaves you with soft skin. Skin that smells like bacon.

This could be a good or a bad thing depending on who you plan on being around the next few hours. Dogs and very likely, Zombies will be attracted to you. Women on the other hand… well let me honest… they will be attracted to your sent as well – however they will not admit it! At least that’s what I like to tell myself.

If you are looking for a bacon gift for someone who loves all things bacon and has seen almost everything that is on the ever expanding bacon market – this may be an item that has not crossed their path yet.

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