The Best Store Bought Popcorn Ever: 479° Popcorn

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This is a story about the best store bought popcorn I have ever had. If you’re a frequent viewer or reader of, you’re probably well aware that I’m a big fan of creating dishes and food from scratch when entertaining. It’s very rare for me to simply purchase a store-bought product, dump it in a bowl and present it to my guests. Even if that’s a product that I would normally eat myself, it’s hard for me to offer a already manufactured product when I’m entertaining. Maybe it’s a source of pride for me, that I have to put my own touch on whatever my guests consume. Whatever the case may be this product breaks all of those rules. It’s a product that caught me by surprise.

It’s called 479° popcorn. It’s made in small batches by an independent company out of San Francisco. Jane Arnold, the “popcorn-tear” (I’m not sure if that’s a word or not) offers up a huge variety of flavors. everything from Vietnamese cinnamon sugar to Alderwood smoked sea salt and my favorite: Black truffle and white cheddar. It simply cannot be beat in my opinion. These all-natural ingredients popped with the corn in small batches to perfection.

I know this sounds like a commercial, but it’s truly not.

I absolutely love this product.

The purpose of me writing this piece is to give you some ideas for entertaining this holiday season when you’re short on time. I try to always keep a stash of their popcorn on hand. I do this, so that I can simply break it out for last-minute gathering of friends when I have little that I can whip up in the kitchen, or possibly have had one too many glasses of wine. (impairing my ability to prepare semi-edible food. Hey, it happens).

The popcorn is available through their website or at various stores nationwide. Most recently I’ve seen it carried the World Market Chain. You may also find it at other specialty grocers nationwide.

While I never would’ve thought I would ever suggest purchasing pre-poped popcorn, I am. I’m not only suggesting it, I’m encouraging it! This stuff will blow you away.

Contributor: Tony Brueski

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  • Sarah Park

    Wow! I love popcorns in different flavors. I also try popcorns with different side dishes. I hope I can find this 479 popcorn here in our place.