New PETA Commercial Makes Male Vegans Feel Inadequate

0 Posted by - November 5, 2012 - Satire

In response to an “overwhelming amount of pressure” put on by a new PETA commercial called “Stay Firm and Fresh”, a group of vegans in Little Rock, AK have decided to boycott vegetables.

In the campaign PETA portrays male vegans as having unnaturally large parts, as represented by root vegetables.

“I felt so inadequate after seeing this commercial”, said one man who refused to give his name in the boycotting group. “This commercial is giving women an unnatural expectation of what to expect from us. The look of shock and horror on the face of my date last week really traumatized me. After she saw the commercial, I think she was expecting some sort of celery stalk”. Another man in the group that is boycotting vegetables suggested that should PETA re-record the commercial using ginger root, while another man suggested possibly using snap peas or bean sprouts.

It was difficult to get a consensus from the men as to what vegetable would best represent them in the campaign. Even after watching the new PETA commercial several times.

“It’s difficult being a vegan and not able to eat vegetables. But we have to make a stand.”

Said one of the men.

“I enjoy a good carrot smoothie as much as the next guy, but the reckless accusation that I’m some sort of Super Man needs to stop, this new PETA commercial needs to stop”.

PETA is no stranger to putting out controversial commercial and advertising messages. A few years back a PETA commercial was banned from airing during the United States broadcast of the Super Bowl game. This new campaign however appears to have struck a cord with-in the very community that it depends on for support and contributions. We will keep you posed on any further backlash from the vegan community due to the new PETA ad.

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