Is Stuffing a Turkey Safe?

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is stuffing a turkey safeYou have the bird, and you have the breadcrumb mixture ready to roll. But you are now stepping back and asking yourself, Is stuffing a turkey safe?

If you want the meat to taste good, the answer to that question is no. If you want the stuffing to be edible but the meat over-cooked the answer to the question is yes.

There is no win-win, when trying to cook stuffing inside a turkey.

The only way to do it, is cook the stuffing on the side.

This is what they call “dressing”.

Why can’t you put the stuffing inside the turkey? Because the temperature in the center of the turkey will very likely not get above 145F long enough for the stuffing to cook safely. This gives you the risk of the eggs in your stuffing sitting at an unsafe temp for too long as well as any uncooked bird juices being soaked up by the bread crumbs and, not cooking long enough at a safe temp.

If you cranked the heat up on the bird to get it “hot enough”, you would be over cooking the meat and end up serving something that resembled a leather shoe product more than a turkey.

Cook the stuffing on the side – Here is my favorite recipe for stuffing.

And stuff the bird with some sliced lemons, sage, rosemary and garlic. This will help flavor the meat and keep the inside of the bird nice and moist.

Will the flavor of the stuffing suffer if we cook it outside? Not at all!

If anything, you will have far more control over the flavor of the stuffing, its cooking temp and desired outcome when cooked in a sheet pan or baking dish.

The best part about cooking the stuffing on the outside, is the fact that no one will die or end up in the emergency room and miss out on the black Friday deals!

Contributor: Tony Brueski
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