Is Burger King Delivery In Your City?

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“It’s not fast food sir… its good food fast”. Or in the case of select cities nation-wide its “bad for you food brought right to your door!” That’s right, we’re talking about Burger King delivery!

bk delivery

After all it was horribly difficult it was to walk 10 feet out of a car, swing open a glass door, place an order, waddle to a booth and shove 1500+ calories into your gullet. Don’t get me started on the effort it took to roll an automatic window down, shout names of food at a speaker, press down on  a gas pedal and have thousands of empty calories handed to you through a window.
Thank god for Burger King delivery! Now those days are over!

Where does Burger King deliver?

If you are a lucky resident of Miami, Houston, Washington D.C. and now New York City – Burger King food will come right to your front door through their new deliver service.

To make sure your gourmet food… from Burger King arrives “fresh” and hot, they use a proprietary thermal packaging on all delivery orders.

You can’t get everything sent to your door though, items like soft serves (including their bacon ice cream sundae) and shakes are not up the car ride to your house.

Is this going too far?

Do we really need to have food that is already proven to be killing us sent directly too our doors? Can’t we just engage our cravings for junk food at the junk food restaurant?

Shouldn’t there be some effort required to consume such foods?

BK doesn’t think so, and because of this their business of delivering food to your door step continues to grow. Just how big it will get, and how long it will take to reach smaller cities and towns is up in the air.

For now though, if you happen to find yourself in one of these select cities and need a BK fix, now you can have it your way… at your door.

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