How To Be a Good Thanksgiving Host

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good thanksgiving hostYou are a one person entertaining and cooking machine… Keep telling yourself that over and over if you are the person that has been called upon to host the family thanksgiving dinner. To everyone who passes through your door, you effortlessly whipped together a meal that is both delicious and beautiful in no time. In reality you’ve planned ahead for weeks and are now are about to put your cooking skills and tolerance to the test. You need to know how to be a good Thanksgiving host! I’m here to help you through it!

First thing is first when it comes to being a good host on Thanksgiving:

Expect a little bit of everything.

Everyone will want something a little different, out of the meal and out of the experience of interacting with you and your other guests. Some are introverted some are the polar opposite. Some want to be involved, some want to stay as far away from the kitchen as possible.

Be ready for it all, and be ready to deal with it all with a smiling face (and a hidden glass if wine at all times).

They big thing to remember about entertaining and being a good Thanksgiving host is that:

you want to make people feel comfortable.

That means a room with the TV on and the game playing. Another room for beverages and conversation. In another area have some games set up for people to play, maybe a deck of cards or video games if there are children coming over.

More than anything, people want to feel welcome and comfortable. They want to enjoy themselves and relax. There is nothing worse than feeling obligated to attend a thanksgiving dinner that will be stuffy and unaccommodating for five hours.

Do things your way, but offer alternatives for those who may not want an ultra gourmet stuffing. Have entertainment options beyond food network or “A Christmas Story”.

Most of all, have fun. Enjoy your time with your friends and family and make the most of it.

Contributor: Tony Brueski
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