Good & Evil Anthony Bourdain Chocolate Bar Review

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anthony bourdain chocolate bar reviewIt’s hard to say anything bad about the taste of the Good and Evil Anthony Bourdain chocolate bar. It’s a very good bar of chocolate.

How good is it you ask?

You know right away that this is not your run of the mill grocery store check out lane candy bar when biting into it. Little bits of dark cocoa bits and chocolate strew throughout, you get a little sweet and a little bitter action in every bite. If you were hoping for a high-end chocolate experience, you get it with Good and Evil from Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert. It’s not just another celebrity food product with a few names slapped on the side and dreams of every random person and their brother buying it. It is truly a chocolate bar designed for hard-core foodies.

All that being said, here is the bad news.

It retails for $18. Yep, if you want to sink your teeth in the Good and Evil Anthony Bourdain chocolate bar, you will need to shell out $18 dollar. This is not for a package or an over-sized option, it’s the regular size.

Wonder why it is so expensive?

Here’s the deal: Its made of  72% cacao from Pure Nacional cacao found in Peru, which was thought to be extinct. You are paying for the rarity of the ingredients (and I’m sure the names on the bar). If Jimmy Joe Bob decided to try to push an $18 chocolate bar made of rare cacao, I doubt he would have much success. Such is marketing though.

Is it worth the $18? I guess if you want to be able to tell your friends you’ve tried the Anthony Bourdain chocoalte bar, yes it is. If you could care less about adding this notch to your belt loop of culinary experiences, no it is not. It’s good, but it’s not $18 good.

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  • Mick Grundy

    It looks a little bit too expensive for me!
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