Fun Christmas Party Games

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You have the people, you have the food you have the decorations – now what do you do with it all?  In the event that the guests at your holiday party end up standing around staring at each, breaking out some of these Christmas party games may help liven up the party! However if they fail, just break out more booze. Just sayin… 

All I Want For Christmas!

This is a great game that will help introduce people who may not know each other well. One player starts the game by saying, “My name is… All I Want for Christmas is…” The next player responds by saying, “All (first player) wants for Christmas is… My name is… and all I want for Christmas is…” The following players then repeat the phrase, adding their own name and item. Any player who cannot repeat the phrase correctly is out, and the phrase begins again from scratch. It’s not as easy as winning a game of bingo, but it will keep your guests happy and socializing with this christmas party game.

Tied Up!

This is an active team for two teams, with a ball of red twine and a ball of green twine. The teams form separate circles. At a given command, the first player of each team winds their ball of twine once around his or her waist before passing it to each successive player who does the same. The first team which uses all their twine and is all tied up wins the game. It would be advised to not have a drink in your hand for this game.

Christmas Treasure

Here is a quiet game for two players, both blindfolded. One is given a small ‘Christmas treasure’ such as a piece of candy or something small. Both players start at opposite corners of a large table and must keep one hand in contact with the table at all times. The other player (the hunter) has thirty seconds to sneak up on the first player and touch him on top of his head, while the first player tries to evade the hunter. If the hunter succeeds, they get to keep the treasure; otherwise the first player keeps it. Multiple rounds ensure that everyone can have a chance to win a treasure. Its one of the better game christmas party games for kids.

What sort of Christmas party games do you play? Tell us in the comments section!

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