Is It Safe To Put Stuffing In A Turkey?

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is it safe to put stuffing in a turkey?It’s an image that has been reprinted countless times in Americana literature. The bountiful table with a giant turkey bursting with stuffing. It looks wonderful and seems like “the right thing” to do. After all the motion of bread crumbs and meet is called “stuffing” after all. But is it safe to put stuffing in a turkey? Thanks to modern medical science the answer this question is a giant NO!

“But Tony, it won’t be Thanksgiving without stuffing in the Turkey!”

That may be true to a certain extent. But just think how happy your family will be when they’re not dead at Christmas. They will actually be able to enjoy unwrapping presents and holiday cheer together, not 6 feet underground and communicating with the living through a Ouija board.

One of the most common ingredients in stuffing is pork, not to mention eggs. If either of these ingredients is not cooked to their proper temperatures your risk of salmonella, worms or other countless debilitating or deadly diseases dramatically rises. Yet another reason why the answer is no to: Is it safe to put stuffing in a turkey.

Why can’t you stuff the bird with the “stuffing” or “dressing”. The simple reality is the inside of the bird just doesn’t get that hot (above 145 F) . If it did get that hot all of the meat would be thoroughly overcooked. so you have to ask yourself, what’s more important in edible turkey or stuffing that’s cooked safely inside the bird.

Let’s find a happy medium to the stuffing conundrum.

If you don’t put the stuffing in the bird, what you do? Break out your casserole dishes kids. These will be your best friends this holiday season.

Simply make your stuffing recipe (here is my favorite recipe for stuffing), line the casserole dish with it, cover with foil and bake at about 425 F for 15 min. If you want to be extra safe, use a meat thermometer and make sure that the stuffing mixture is above 145° before serving. Now you know the answer and reason behind the question of: Is it safe to put stuffing in a turkey!

That’s it, the stuffing saga is over and everyone can eat happy!

Here’s another one of my favorite stuffing recipes to get you started!

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