Three Healthy Casserole Ideas to Try this Summer

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Casserole dishes are the ultimate option if you are craving comfort food and although they are often associated with winter, this does not mean you cannot eat them in the summer months. When the sun is shining, stodgy casserole dishes are not the most popular of choices but with these healthy casserole ideas, you can watch your weight without giving up your favourite meal.

Tuna and Noodle Casserole
Traditionally, tuna and noodle casserole is not considered figure friendly but if you replace the key ingredients with healthy alternatives, you can still get the great taste you desire without all of the calories. To make a healthy tuna and noodle casserole, choose whole wheat noodles over egg noodles as they contain more fibre and swap whole milk for a low fat mushroom sauce.

Chicken Divan
Chicken Divan is a firm favourite with casserole lovers but it has an extremely high calorie count. You can create a lighter version of this that is perfect for get-togethers with friends on balmy summer nights. Usually, chicken divan contains heavy ingredients such as cream, sour cream and cheese. If you want to create a healthy alternative to this dish, swap the cream for low fat mayonnaise and low fat milk and add in plenty of green vegetables such as leeks and broccoli. By cutting down on these fatty ingredients you can create a tasty chicken divan that contains only half of the calories.

Spinach and Artichoke Casserole
If you are looking for a crowd pleasing casserole, this casserole is great, especially if you are catering for guests that have tricky dietary requirements. This is a popular choice with vegetarians and works well as a side dish alongside other main dishes. The spinach casserole is extremely versatile and complements many other healthy ingredients to create a scrumptious casserole that is low in fat. Broccoli, chicken and Mexican beans are just a few of the possibilities. You can make this dish as simple or as complex as you like depending on the amount of guests you have and the amount of time you have to prepare it.

If you ever need a dish that will never fail to impress your dinner guests, casserole is a safe choice. If you want to spice things up with a new recipe, go online to find inspiration. The first step to making a superb casserole is to invest in high quality casserole dishes. Go online to invest in your casserole essentials.

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