Top Ways The British Celebrate Summer

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For some reason, nobody suggested street parties when the Queen’s Diamond anniversary actually happened. OK, so February may not have been the best time for a picnic in the park and the extra-bank holiday may have been a better time to have your celebration.

However, it’s fairly clear that HM doesn’t have kids of school age anymore, as she chose a weekend in June, rather than one during the summer holidays when we’re all fraught and trying to find different things to do with our own little princesses and princes. If you’re still planning a birthday party for kids or a sporting celebration of any kind during the Olympics, the best of British food should be on the top of your shopping list in this very patriotic year.

It’s Obligatory
No feast this year would be quite complete without Coronation Chicken. The recipe is easily found online and it’s a quick and easy dish to prepare. It’s also a good one to serve cold as part of a buffet, is cheap to make in bulk and can used up as sandwich fillings or in Jacket potatoes, ensuring nothing goes to waste. Generally popular with kids, the chances of leftovers are limited but if they do happen, the dish is versatile!

Twisting Tradition
Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding. What could possibly be more British and yet more deeply unsuitable for a buffet? Try mini-Yorkshires with a helping of rare beef topped with horseradish and garnished with parsley for perfect little bite-sized symbols of all that’s good about Blighty.
Royal Houses Battenberg cake is a must a Jubilee themed party. Battenberg (sometimes spelt Mountbatten) is Prince Phillip’s surname. At least, it’s not really, but he’s changed it so many times to hide his countries of origin, that it’s the closest we can get. However, for a really special Jubilee cake, try creating a Union flag version. A standard sponge should be your starting point, add a little blue food colouring and cut the cake into four long rectangular pieces. Then cut these in half to create triangles, reconstruct the cake using cream and jam to stick it all together and create the stripes. The result should be as true blue as the Royals themselves. Ahem.

Ladies Who Snack
High Tea was originally invented by a nineteenth century English duchess. Feeling peckish in the afternoon she ordered a light selection of cakes and sandwiches. She enjoyed the experience so much, that it was repeated the next day, the next and so on. Now the quintessential expression of all things British, tea, cucumber sandwiches and a selection of cakes should be enjoyed on the lawn around four in the afternoon.

Last Orders
As the party evening wears on, hopefully the smaller party-goers will wear themselves out; time for a little grown up celebration? Leaving the croquet sticks at the edge of the green, it’s time for Pimm’s surely? The original is the best, and a glass of chilled Pimm’s mixed with lemonade, mint, cucumber, orange and strawberry is the traditional recipe. One part Pimm’s to three of lemonade. A touch of ginger for a spicy touch goes down rather well, don’t you know?

Although the main Jubilee celebrations take place in June, there should be plenty of chances to celebrate (or commiserate) on behalf of team GB. Keeping the kid’s entertained with a Jubilee part or two should help to see you through the summer, and if all else fails, just focus on that Pimm’s at the end of the day!

For dairy products and ingredients for all your celebrations this summer, try saving a little time by shopping for groceries online. There should be plenty to celebrate this year and keeping the larder (and drinks cabinet) well stocked for those planned and unplanned celebrations is simple with food delivery services.

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