Mothers Day Gift Ideas

0 Posted by - May 7, 2012 - Product Reviews

Contribuitor: Jen Brueski
Several times over the past couple of years, our family has received what I call “Magical Baskets of Goodness” from Wine Country Gift Baskets, and most of the time Tony says that I have to play nice and share.  This time we received a cute canvas tote with leather trim that caught my attention and it was filled with assorted bath and spa products; body butter, body bar, bath caviar, body lotion shower gel, bubble bath, body scrub, loofa sponge, slippers, and sachet all in my favorite scent, Lavender.

When Tony and our daughter saw how interested I was in the basket, they glanced at each other and then said “Happy Mother’s Day!” This confirmed that the basket was just for me and I did not have to share, not this time!  Much like a child on Christmas morning, I quickly gathered up the basket and its contents and whisked it away to my secret cabinet where everyone knows to “keep out; what’s inside is for mommy only!”

As for the products themselves, I am trying them all one by one in sweet indulgence.  So far, my favorite is the body butter.  Being 5 ½ months pregnant, I have found that I will slather anything on my stomach to keep stretch marks to a minimum, and I believe this products actually helps.  I have to say Tony and our daughter hit the nail on the head with the Lavender basket for Mother’s day.

Aside from the basket of pampering, we received a second basket to check out from Wine Country Gift Baskets. This was filled with chocolates, cheeses and something that I am not allowed to touch (at least for the next 4 months) Wine. It wasn’t the bottom of the barrel wine either; it was 3 delicious bottles of Coppola. A cabernet, merlot and chardonnay. From what I could see, Tony and some friends did put them to good use. This would be a perfect gift for a stressed out mom (who is not expecting). It’s hard to go wrong with any of the offerings from Wine Country.

Until the next holiday that deserves a “basket”, Happy Mother’s Day!

Disclosure: Baskets were provided for review by Wine Country Gift Baskets. No compensation was paid for this review.

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  • Marnus Wolvaardt

    Fantastic article. I also use wine gift baskets and they are a hit with my customers.

  • Jenny

    I think I will gonna treat my mom to a massage parlor and some hair treatment. I am sure she will love this with nice dinner afterwards.

  • Steve

    You gave me an idea where to buy something for my mother in law who lives in Germany. Maybe I can send her some stuff like that and I do hope that its not expensive.