Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza

0 Posted by - April 9, 2012 - Fast Food, Food News & Opinion

Contribuitor:  Tony Brueski
What the hell America! How could we let the Brit’s get this piece of fast food wonder before the USA? How could we let the folks across the pond who look to us for junk food inspiration down on such a massive scale? Somehow it has happened, and Pizza Hut has released the “hot dog stuffed crust pizza” over seas before it hits the ever expanding tables and gullets of America.

I’m going to take a step back now and for one moment re-think this. Maybe its a good thing that the “hot dog stuffed crust pizza” is not in American Pizza Hut’s. While we are finding new ways to combine our favorite junk food with fast food ala Doritos Taco’s Locos. Maybe we need to take a break on the pink slime laced franks in our pizza crust until our medical system can catch up to the havoc we are aimlessly creating in the name of extreme eating.

I’ll stick to my cheese stuffed crust for now. But take away my cup of ranch and buffalo sauce for dipping and you will be truly aligned with the reds!

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