Pepsi Next Tastes Like Coke

0 Posted by - March 20, 2012 - Product Reviews

Do you remember a time when the big soda companies would launch a new product predicated by months of anticipation and massive fanfare? I’m talking concepts like Crystal Pepsi, Coke II even Diet Coke. Now it seems that when a product is launched, it just hits the shelves and you only know about it through passing bewilderment and try it out of sheer curiosity. This was the case for me with Pepsi next.

Let me start by saying this, I am a Pepsi drinker. My drink of choice tends to be diet Pepsi. Although I don’t drink nearly as much diet Pepsi as they used to, if I do have a soda or two over the course of the week it tends to be diet Pepsi. I choose the diet Pepsi because it has 0 cal. So when Pepsi decided to come out with a soda still packed with at least 60 cal, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. If I wanted to drink a soda with calories I would just drink regular Pepsi. If I want something with less calories I’ll go for the option of 0 cal. What’s the point of having a soda with just half of the calories?

Did this soda taste so amazing that it totally made the 60 cal worth it? Was the taste so explosive that it blew everything out of the water? The answer this question was quickly answered as I poped the top off the can open and began sipping. The taste that came to mind was vaguely familiar, yet one I normally don’t choose. The taste was that of Coke. In my personal opinion Pepsi next resembles Coca-Cola classic. It has that over the top cola taste that kind of envelops your whole mouth like Coca-Cola does. Yet it’s still not a diet soda, so you’re still getting excess calories even though you think you’re drinking something “better” for you.

It also has the ever dreaded aspartame and it.

So you’re not only getting calories you’re also getting the questionable substance that many have been avoiding diet sodas for years. On top of all of this a Pepsi drinker will get the distinctive taste of Coca-Cola. What could possibly hold this product back from being a smashing success?

Please note the sarcasm of my last sentence.

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  • Steven

    I love the taste of Pepsi Next and you are right it tastes like coke. The only problem is that it has aspartame and for some odd reason it gives me a headache. I normally drink regular coke cause I can’t stand the taste of any diet soda. This would have been a winner for me if it didn’t have aspartame in it.

  • John

    Contrary to the ads, one is not any better than the other, it just depends on which you prefer. But for some reason, once in a while, Pepsi comes out with a new product that tastes like Coke and Coke comes out with a new product that tastes like Pepsi. At one point, Coke seemed on the verge of scrapping their recipe for one that tasted more like Pepsi (New Coke).