Meatloaf Hash Recipe

0 Posted by - March 15, 2012 - Easy Recipe, Easy Recipes, Food Porn

Monday night and I need dinner. I didn’t feel that I needed to buy anything, and cooked from the fridge and freezer. I found a few different things and decided to make a hash using the following:

• Leftover meatloaf, diced
• An organic Frankfurter from the butcher, sliced
• Light halumi cheese, diced
I cut up
• Potatoes
• Onion
• Savoy cabbage
• Half an orange pepper
• Celery
To this I added some broad beans and tossed all the veg in a little oil and spices and mixed it with the meats and halumi and cooked it in the oven until cooked through and crispy. Once done I fried some eggs sunny side up and served it with home pickled beetroots and I could not resist a little hot sauce as well.

I was due to be out but am happy to have been at home tonight as sometimes there is nothing better than a dinner on the sofa at home!

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