Massive Bacon Explosion

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Bacon. I’m like the dog in the Beggin’ Strips commercials when it comes to this wonderful part of the pig. Bacon is good with everything, and I do mean ERVERYTHING. About a year ago, I came across one of the best ideas for bacon since someone came up with the BLT. It is called the Bacon Explosion.

Basically, you take a couple of pounds of bacon, make a bacon weave (who would’ve thought those two words would ever go together?!(, add two pounds of sausage, top with crumbled bacon and BBQ sauce. Then you roll it into a giant torpedo and slow cook it over hot charcoal, slather it with more BBQ sauce…slice, serve and eat. How cool is that!

You can find the recipe here. Below are the wonderful pictures from this glorious rapture of bacon. Enjoy. As always, thanks for reading and keep on rockin’.


Bacon weave with BBQ rub.

2 LBS of spicy sausage.

Frying the bacon for bacon bits.

Bacon bits and BBQ sauce.

Roll it up and add more BBQ rub.

Slow cook that son of a gun.

Time to add more BBQ sauce…why not?



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