Kick Ass Cutting Boards

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What better way to kick off the new year then going to The Container Store. The Groupie Wife and I made our way to Charlotte for a day of shopping at there and Ikea. This was my first visit to The Container Store. What would’ve been really funny is if they did not sell containers. “Sorry, no containers here…but we do sell envelopes!”

Now, I’m an odd shopper. Whenever I go into a new store, I have to walk around the WHOLE store and look at everything before I start” shopping.” Drives the Groupie Wife nuts. Anyway, I spent the first 20 minutes walking down every aisle, from kitchen to office, to garage. I had to look at everything.

So, after my tour, I went back to the kitchen area where I found a cool cutting board set. This set was the coolest thing I’ve seen since I stepped out of the shower. It contains 4 mats…one for beef, chicken, fish and vegetables.

Whenever I cut meat, I wash my hands about 47 times. I tell my daughter, Roadie #1, never to touch raw meat. Because I know that as soon as she does, she will inevitably stick her fingers in her mouth, resulting in one sick kid. And it’s not that I don’t want her to get sick, I know that if she DOES get sick, then I am going to loose a good nights sleep.

I have really liked these cutting mats. I threw out my old white plastic ones that were taking up too much space in my cabinet. That’s another plus for these suckers. They take up no room at all.

Each one is clearly marked, and they have a nonslip bottom. So if you are are cooking chicken, veggies, and what not…you don’t have to stop and clean the board for another ingredient. Nifty.

They are also very flexible, so it’s easy to pour what you just cut into your pot. These suckers are easy to clean too. It says they are dishwasher safe on the top rack, but I always hand wash them.

I have been using mine for about 2 months and I really like them. So there you have it. Get your butt out there and get you a set. As always, thanks for reading and keep on rockin’.



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