Is Paula Deen is Tearing This Country Apart?

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Who would’ve a thought a sweet, lil southern lady from Savannah Georgia could be such a polarizing figure? But Paula Deen has done just that. As most of you know, Paula came out last week and announced to the world that she has Type 2 diabetes, and has had it for 3 years.

The dividing line had been drawn, and as South Carolina was preparing for the Republican primary, most people were divided over Paula’s announcement than they were over Ron Paul’s foreign policy.

I decided to give it a few days to settle down before I offered my thoughts and opinions on Mrs. Deen, thinking that the chatter might quiet down, but no, she is still dividing homes across America. The first thing I noticed was how many people began attacking Paula Deen on Facebook. I saw statuses were people celebrated the fact that she had diabetes. I saw people laughing at her while holding a “serves you right” attitude. This lead me to post the following on my fan page and personal account,

“I think it’s sad to see people gloating over the fact that Paula Dean has diabetes. That’s like me going, “HA! HA! Your mom had a heart attack because she was fat.” Anyone who thinks that Paula deserved to get diabetes can go screw themselves. And you can quote me on that.”

While her recipes are not the most healthy, this kind of attack just pisses me off. Especially with how hypocritical it is. I mean, we all stuff our faces with unhealthy stuff.

Next, I saw that Anthony Bourdain attacked Paula on his tweeter feed. This is not surprising. Although I like Tony and his no BS attitude, I have a hard time listening to a man who smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish telling me what is healthy. I’m just saying.

On my flight to LA, I was watching the Today show’s Professional Panel (which consists of legal analyst Star Jones, advertising executive Donny Deutsch and Dr. Nancy Snyderman) discuss their views. Dr. Nancy Synderman really pissed my off. (You can read and see what I’m talking about here.)

First of all, no one is obligated to disclose their medical history. And for Dr. Snyderman to say that she should’ve have announced her condition 3 years ago is nothing more than idiotic. It is Paula Deen’s right to whatever she wants to do with that information. Also, while I understand the point that Paula Deen has an influence on people, it does not mean she is responsible for her fans actions. We all have choices to make in regards to our health, and it is our choice alone, not anyone else’s. We all know that eating fried foods all the time is bad for you, but if you want to do that, go ahead. It is your choice.

On the other hand, too much of anything is bad for you. Try eating nothing but apples for a month, and see what that does to you. Even too much water is bad for you, just look at the Titanic. It is also a scientific fact that 1:1 people die. No matter what you do, you are going to die one day. I once heard someone say, “I would rather be in the hospital dying of something, than in the hospital dying of nothing.”

I also understand why some people have a problem with her partnering with a pharmaceutical company and how that looks. But she also has the right as a business woman to do whatever she wants.

However, Paula Deen does not deserve a free pass. While I totally agree that she has the right to cook, promote and eat whatever she wants, she also has to face the consequences of her actions. And since she is a celebrity, she is held to a higher standard than the rest of us. Good or bad, she has to live with those consequences.

With all that said, I will close with my final opinion. I think Paula Deen could have handled this better. I think if she came out 3 years ago, and said, “I have Type 2 diabetes. I don’t know what to do next, but I am working with my doctors to learn as much as I can. As I go through this journey, I invite you to come along and together we will figure this out.”, then it would have produced more positive fruit. However, hindsight is 20/20. I think the lesson in all this is for us to look at the person in the mirror, and not the ones on TV.

As always, thanks for reading and keep on rockin’.



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