What Tuna Is Better For You: Steak, Ahi-Sushi or Canned?

0 Posted by - September 5, 2011 - Food News & Opinion

It seems that almost every type of tuna these days gets a bad wrap, but what kind is best for your health vs taste?

Do you go for the tuna steak, the sushi-grade tuna, or the canned tuna? Of the choices – the tuna steak has the most mercury per ounce. The Sashimi from the suhi counter isn’t a great option either. That’s because sushi-grade tuna comes from bigger fish – and the bigger the fish, the more mercury it has. So what option based on health alone may be best for you?  Canned, light tuna, which is made from Ahi – which contains less mercury than other tuna species.

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