How To Make Jerky In The Oven

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I’ve always used a dehydrator to make my beef jerky. I was intrigued to hear about a process for making it in the oven from some friends. If you want to try it, here is what you will need to do:

Get your meat! – I personally use round bottom roast because it’s affordable and it also doesn’t have too much fat.

Place the beef in the freezer to firm up to make it simpler to slice into strips.
Slice your beef into small strips about an inch thick. Trim off any fat. (I am aware fat adds flavor however, not when you find yourself making beef jerky.)

Once it’s totally sliced put the beef in either a zip lock bag or maybe a plastic storage container and cover it with your favorite marinade so your beef is perfectly submerged, then put it within the refrigerator.

Allow the beef to marinade for a minimum of One day and up to 2 days .

Set the temperature on your oven to 150 – 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Next take the top oven rack completely out and arranged the jerky evenly on the rack while leaving enough room for air to circulate around it. Then carefully place it into the oven, and then place an empty pan on the bottom oven rack to catch an drippings and avoid making too large of a mess. Dependent on what temperature your oven is set at and just how thick you sliced the beef it should take approximately 3-4.5 hours to cook your homemade oven beef jerky.

The jerky will likely be firm, darker in color, and dry whenever you break it in two so you realize that it is done. (When it starts to get crispy it truly is getting over cooked)


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