Off The Beaten Path with Tony Brueski

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Episode 1 – Gordon Lodge in Door County, WI

Nestled on a peninsula between North Bay and Lake Michigan in Wisconsin sits Gordon Lodge… A sprawling 130 beautiful acres lie open for your exploration and relaxation on the quiet side of Door County. Gordon Lodge‘s tranquil setting and natural beauty have been captivated guests for over 80 years. We explore it on this episode of Off The Beaten Path.

Episdoe 2 – Hamburger Heroes in Wichita, KS

If you want a GREAT burger, you need to get off the main drag. No matter how many “next food star tv people” create random meat combinations that are marked as “gourmet” only to be picked up and consumed by the zombies wandering into TGI McFunster’s, these chains will never have anything on a great home grown burger shack like “Hamburger Heroes” in Park City, Kansas (Just outside of the Wichita Restaurant scene). This place celebrates what a good local American burger joint was and still can be with some passion and love for the job.

Episdoe 3 – The Landmark in Door County, WI
As I share these videos I can’t help but think of the old reports I would write as a child about “What I did on My Summer Vacation”. I like to think the quality of my reporting has gone up a bit in the last 20 years, but its hard to tell as most of these videos locations speak for themselves.They are what I call “travel porn” or “food porn”. Images and stories from beautiful places that most of us only see once in a great while but can re-visit anytime simply by pressing play. The Landmark Resort in Door County Wisconsin is one of those locations as you will see in this report on a great Off The Beaten Path destination.

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