Catch Your Own Fish Restaurant

0 Posted by - June 1, 2011 - Food News & Opinion, Travel

This is a concept I really like, the ultimate in fresh fish.  A Japanese restaurant is allowing its customers to catch their own fish.  Their restaurant is lined with giant tanks filled with fish, before you eat you grab a poll, can you catch your own dinner.  There will be no need to ask the waiter what day the fish shipment came in at this place.  Once you catch it, the chef asks how you would like a prepared and “presto!” fresh fish dinner.

Could a concept like this ever take off of the United States?  There’s grill your own meat restaurants.  Most of which I thoroughly detest.  Mainly because most of the people who frequent these restaurants are not remotely qualified to use a microwave more less cook a stake to perfection.


Call better restaurants been in the U.S.  Where you have two hut your own meat.  That seems more in line with the American culture.  Before you sit down to that foil wrap baked potato and hunk of meat that’ large enough to feed yourself, your wife, your ex-wife, and the family of eight sitting in the booth across from you: he would be equipped with a weapon sent to a field and required to hunt it down.

What could possibly go wrong?  Maybe even have a kid’s day, with the little ones are giving and low power weaponry and sent to a chicken coop are something.  It’s a crazy concept, I know. But one that you have to wonder… Would it work in the right area of the country?  Clearly, PETA would have a thing or two to say about this “themed” restaurant.


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