The More Burned the Better!

0 Posted by - May 17, 2011 - Food News & Opinion

Why is it that when you’re eating food in the outdoors, it just tastes that much better? For example camping food: hot dogs, beans, marshmallows the easy staples of camping culinary excellence.

Burn the hell out of  dogs, Sear the marshmallows into something that resembles more of a Chernobyl aftershock and your family will look at you with amazement and disbelief in the culinary excellence that was just performed right before they’re very eyes.

If you made a meal with such utter disregard for “burning” and over cooking food in your home kitchen. Your family would probably be quite disappointed in you, explicative would have been thrown on the table and you would never be allowed to cook again.  But because you’re surrounded by squirrels humping, and chipmunks waiting in the wings as you to drop burnt crumb after crumb, it’s completely acceptable to cook the life out of anything you touch. “I like it burned” is the go to phrase around the campfire.

Maybe setting has more to do with how we perceive taste than we thought! For example, if you have a culinary challenged spouse who attempts to cook dinner every once in a blue moon, encourage them to “cook it outdoors”. Maybe consider changing the setting of the dining room on that night, bring in some pines – bait some bunny’s to sit on the couch, drop some goldfish in the sink. If you create the atmosphere of the “outdoors” maybe it would make anyone’s cooking magnificent!


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