The Evil “Chuck” of the E Cheese Gang

0 Posted by - May 17, 2011 - Food News & Opinion

Where a kid can be a kid? Or a diabolical restaurant chain driving children’s lives into an never ending cesspool of gambling, only to be found in a dark alleyway in Las Vegas when they hit the age of 35? That is the question at hand. You see Debbie Keebler who’s a real estate agent with two kids is suing Dallas-based restaurant chain Chuck E cheese for $5 million because she allegedly feels that many of the games intended for the children at Chuck E Cheese are actually illegal gambling devices.

Gambling devices that some may say, could very quickly drive your child into a cigar smoking, martini drinking, gamble-holic, destined only for the darkest corners of Las Vegas. Chuck E cheese attorneys are asking for the dismissal of the lawsuit on the grounds that the games are quite legal and they never intended on making operating a children’s arcade amusement restaurant a criminal act. The federal judge has yet to dismiss the case. Still the question lingers… Will that evil whack a mole end up corrupting your children and driving them to a hard life of drinking and gambling? It’s a good thing Debbie Keller is asking that question before it’s too late.


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