Cedar Plank Scallops

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This is a recipe that is more than easy! It requires just a few ingredients: Scallops, Olive Oil, Salt/Pepper, and a soaked and leaned cedar plank.  What about spices, and seasoning you ask? That’s what the cedar is for!

Just like the tubs of lobsters lurking in the entry way of the local lobster shack, quaking in fear of the impending hot tub of death and final butter bath – Scallops by nature have a very delicate flavor profile. This makes them a culinary ATV for whatever seasoning or scents you put around it.

For this recipe you have a few simple steps to follow. Skip a step and you’ll end up with a fiery mess and more than just the scallops you dropped 20 bucks on destroyed.

Step 1) Soak a cedar plank. And soak it for a LONG TIME. I cant stress this enough. Just getting it “kind of wet” or putting it in the sink for a 30 mins is not enough. Drop a plank in the bathtub or your sink for about 12-24 hours. This thing needs to be soaking wet through and through. Skip this step and you will turn your grill into a fireplace.

Step 2) Toss the scallops in a good olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

Step 3) Place the scallops on the cedar plank and set it just off the grill flames and shut the cover. Most of the cooking here will come from the “oven” effect of a closed grill cover. The flavor will come from the moisture in the cedar plank evaporating and transferring into the scallops. Depending on the heat and size of your grill, this should take around 30 mins – Just keep an eye on it. If the board bursts into flames, it was not we enough. If it very slowly turns to burnt embers, you’re on the right track.

What you will end up with is an “essence” infused dish that can not be emulated with any “seasoning pack”. Happy grilling!

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