Louisiana Crawfish Boil

0 Posted by - March 16, 2011 - Easy Recipe, Product Reviews, Seafood Recipes


We had an “abbreviated” versoin of a Louisana Crawfish Boil using fresh Crawfish from your friends at Louisana Crawfish Company. These guys will ship you FRESH crawfish right to your door! Great product, and perfect if you want to do a TRUE Louisiana Crawfish Boil. Check their product out here.

To do a crawfish boil you really only need a few things –

1) a BIG pot
2) Crawfish
3) Seasonings (old bay or Louisiana Crawfish Boil Co. Seasonings)
4) Any other “extras” you want to throw in – Sausage, onions, corn, lemon, potato, shrimp, you name it – you can throw it in.
5) Get the seasoned water to a boil, add in your sausage and let it cook first then add the crawfish to cook for approx 8-10 mins. Dump on a large table and EAT UP!

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