How to make your Chicken Wings EXTRA Crispy

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If you have problems getting your chicken wings super crispy, read on! We have the solution!

Lets start out with the why… It’s probably caused by residual moisture escaping as steam through the breading. If you’re using a batter, you’re adding even more moisture. The problem with battering a dense, bone-in protein is burning the batter before the meat is cooked through. In basic terms: Bread don’t batter. You can dust with a light coat of seasoned flour and get plenty of crunch and flavor.

Just remember the following If you’re looking for a thicker “take out food” coating,
1)flour 2) shake off excess 3) light egg wash 4) flour again.

Lets talk oil… Peanut oil is what you need, and it needs to be at about 360 degrees F. Why Peanut Oil? The peanut oil has a high smoke point so it is nice to cook with at high temperatures, but it isn’t necessarily flavor neutral. A Canola oil will be just fine, is flavor neutral, and is good up through 375. Go any higher, and you may need a fire extinguisher.

Also, Don’t use an ice cold batter. It will lower the temperature of the oil. Cook them hot and cook them quickly. Don’t crowd them as this will allow the steam to build. We’re talking Small batches, 360, room to drain, and season as soon as they come out of the oil. Then dig in! Enjoy!


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