Toasted Spice Rub Recipe

0 Posted by - December 23, 2010 - Easy Recipe

I love my spice rubs! They add so much flavor to almost EVERYTHING I make. As you well know, I love Fennel Spice Rub… (some of you have even created a drinking game around my use of it in the videos). Well here is A NEW SPICE RUB! Honestly though, its more of a variation on the original king-o-spice rubs, but has enough variation that it needs its own video. Toasted Spice Rub! Enjoy!

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  • Michael Parks

    On your toasted spice rub for the tenderloin and other dishes you do not give the amounts of the coriander and the fennel seeds and cayenne pepper. Have looked all over the website and all there is is a video of you making the rub.
    Thanks, Michael