Taste Tech: “The Smoking Gun” for PolyScience

0 Posted by - August 20, 2010 - Product Reviews

Every day we are sent new products to try and review. Every once-in-a-while something comes our way that really blows me away. This is one of those products. Its called “The Smoking Gun”, its created by food technology company PolyScience. Chances are if you ever watch “future foods” or have seen some of the creative kitchens by the likes of Ferran Adria you have seen their tools in use.

The smoking gun is a tool that allows you to “smoke” foods that you otherwise would never have smoked or were simply impossible to smoke. It works by shooting a continuous stream of smoke from whatever you may be burning in its bowl with its built in fan system. Think of it as an electric smoking pipe for food. You can add the essence of apple wood smoke to a mixed green salad, pecan wood to a Sous Vide steak, spicy dried chillies to dark chocolate, options are endless.

Anyone who is serious about their cooking, and love to use the most innovate techniques to impress their friends and family need this kitchen toy. Check out our video and if you want to get one for yourself you can order it through there website here.

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