Popsicles are the new Gourmet Treat

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Goodbye Cupcakes… Hello Popsicles! You are the new must have gourmet treat!?

According to the Washington Post, there’s People’s Pops in New York – selling cucumber-jalapeño pops or carrot-apple-ginger. At Meltdown Popsicles in New Orleans they have strawberry-basil or coconut-lime, and at Sol Pops in Portland Oregon, they have flavors like sugar snap pea with orange. Everyone’s getting in on Popsicle fever. Even bartenders are making what they call a “Poptail.” One bar serves a cucumber flavored popsicle in their bloody mary’s and another has one made of the Italian liqueur, grappa.

Many artisan popsicle makers are inspired by paletas, Mexican ice pops often sold from street carts, that come in a flavors like mango, lime, cucumber and watermelon. Just because popsicles are a low-priced treat, they can be expensive to make. A state of the art popsicle machine is the size of a Jacuzzi and costs $7,000. Some popsicle makers say it’s worth it, because it can make a batch of 88 popsicles in about eight minutes, and the pops are smooth and shiny, without the ice crystals that you get with homemade or cheap grocery-store pops.
Popsicles are also popping up at weddings, on the dessert menus at fancy restaurants and at corporate events. Don’t think they’ll go away once the colder weather hits. They’ll just change flavors to something more seasonal – like pumpkin, cranberry-coriander-tangerine and mulled cider.

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