3 BIG FAIR FOODS for 2010!

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MMMMM….. Fair food. Nothing quite like it… probably a good thing. Because if we the beer battered cheese curd stand was in the parking lot of my grocery store – my life span would become dramatically lower. So what will we be seeing at our county fairs this year?? Lets take a look!
 The deep-fried treat known as the “Tornado Potato.” That’s a
spiral-cut potato that’s skewered and fried on a stick, so it’s easier to
stretch out and share.
Deep Fried Peaches and Cream,” which is basically a container of fried peaches,
served with a side of butter-cream icing for dipping! That recently won the
prize for Best Tasting treat at the State Fair of Texas, in Dallas.
Deep-fried butter! That’s 100%
pure butter, whipped until it’s light and fluffy, then frozen
and flash-fried in a layer of dough.  For extra pizazz, you can order this treat
with garlic, grape or cherry-flavored butter. Those who’ve tried one say it
tastes like a biscuit or croissant that’s been “stuffed to the gills” with
butter! Each fried-butter ball contains a minimum 1,000
, and a shocking amount of fat.

So, does this mean you should avoid every concession stand at the fair? Not
exactly. The key is to
practice extreme moderation and never binge eat. In
other words: Don’t starve yourself all day so you can gorge on everything in
sight at the fair. Instead, choose one or two treats that you really want to
try. Then take small bites of each one, and savor each bite as long as possible.  As long as you balance unhealthy fair food with an otherwise
healthy lifestyle, you’ll be fine. After all, the fair only comes once a year.

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