Foods that will help you Lose Weight!

0 Posted by - April 30, 2010 - Food News & Opinion

If you’re trying to lose weight (who isn’t!?), you may want to try “double duty
foods.” Basically healthy foods that provide the double benefit of
helping your body blast fat, by curbing your appetite enough to make you eat
fewer calories each day.

  • Oranges. Oranges have
    the fewest calories of any double duty food – only 60 calories each. Plus oranges are loaded with fiber, which takes a long time to digest, helping feel full longer.
  • Eggs. 80 calories each – so they’re a low
    calorie choice for breakfast. Plus, eggs are loaded with protein, which your
    body needs to satisfy hunger.
  • Cheese. 76
    calories per slice. Goat or feta cheese contains an
    acid known as CLA, which has been linked to helping the body burn more
  • Dark chocolate. People who eat dark chocolate tend to eat
    less at their next meal because compounds found in
    chocolate slow down digestion to a point where you feel full longer. A small
    square of chocolate – about half the size of a business card – is only 170


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