4 Foods that make experts say “DON’T EAT THAT!!”

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We found this in Prevention magazine: These are what the experts call "toxic foods".
Good points – BUT – I don't know that I can give up my canned tomatoes or corn fed beef. I like corn fed beef more than grass fed. What about you?

Fish Farmed Salmon. What is it and Why? farmed salmon are fed soy, ground feathers, and poultry
bedding contaminated with fecal matter, carcinogens, flame retardant, and
pesticides. The experts in the article say your cancer risk jumps dramatically even if
you eat farmed salmon just three times a year! WHAT TO EAT: Wild salmon
caught off Alaska… Be careful though if the package says “Fresh Atlantic Salmon”
it’s farmed, because there’s no commercial salmon fishing in the Atlantic
Ocean… Tricky Tricky….

Tomatoes Canned
. A Dr. says that tin cans are lined with a resin that contains synthetic estrogen, which is
absorbed by acidic foods – like tomatoes – and is also linked to 

heart disease,
diabetes, obesity and reproductive problems. WHAT TO EAT: Buy tomatoes in glass
bottles, or in boxes that aren’t lined with resin, like Pomi brand.

Cow Corn-Fed Beef. The experts say that
cattle are designed to eat grass, but most farmers feed them corn and soybeans
to fatten them up faster for slaughter. Corn-fed beef has
fewer vitamins and minerals, and more of the fats that cause inflammation and
heart disease. WHAT TO EAT: Buy grass-fed beef at specialty stores and farmers’

Popcorn Microwave
. Toxicologists say that popcorn bags are lined with chemicals that vaporize
and settle on the corn when it pops, chemicals that stay in your body for
years, and are linked to infertility, and cancers of the liver and
pancreas. WHAT TO EAT: Pop natural popcorn kernels in an old-fashioned skillet.  

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